Justin R. Heim is a Justice HQ Founding 50 Member

Justice HQ

We are excited to announce our support for Justice HQ, an exciting collaboration of California lawyers that provide legal services to consumers across the state.

What is Justice HQ?

Justice HQ was established by the Simon Law Group LLP to bring together the best of consumer advocate attorneys. The coalition of attorneys is comprised of mostly solo practitioners and small law firms that lack the sheer volume of attorneys that AmLaw 100 firms possess. Instead of operating with limited resources, each Justice HQ member has access to facilities and resources that are designed to level the playing field against defense firms with more attorneys. Justice HQ allows even the smallest law practice to compete with those “big law” firms that serve major corporations and the insurance company industry.

Fifty Attorneys are Better than One!

In addition to the resource advantages provided to members, Justice HQ fills the “two heads are better than one gap” that some solo practitioners face.  There is a reality that some lawyers just do not have another attorney in the office to bounce an idea off.  What may sound magnificent to an attorney when they plan their arguments, might fall flat once they’re in the courtroom.  Moreover, a small law firm just does not have the ability to re-invent the wheel nearly as often as a large defense firm. Most of the time small firms struggle to keep up with the abundance of lawyers the defense can throw at them.  In the end, the individuals who suffer are those consumers and clients who retained an attorney, usually on a contingency basis, whose case suffered because the attorney lacked the necessary resources.

Justice HQ fills this gap by facilitating connections between all of its members.  Suddenly a single lawyer has 50-100 other lawyers with a common goal to share ideas with.  That solo practitioner in effect suddenly has the ability to beat the defense at its own game!

Our Firm Cannot Wait to Contribute!

Aware of the advantages Justice HQ brings to our firm and clients, the Law Offices of Justin R. Heim, APC is proud to be a Founding 50 member of the organization.  Moreover, as a result of his experience and success, Justin R. Heim has been selected by his peers to serve as a member of Justice HQ’s Advisory Board. We can’t wait to see Justice HQ level the playing field for consumers across the state, now let’s get to work!

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