How do I choose the best personal injury lawyer for my case?

How do I choose the best personal injury lawyer?

Drive down a Los Angeles or Orange County freeway, and you will almost certainly see multiple billboards featuring personal injury lawyer advertisements. Look around your town, and you will find numerous small law firms that claim to be a ‘boutique law firm, with a family-like feel.’

Regardless of what the specific message is on a billboard or put forward by a local law firm, the point is always the same. Each believes they are best suited to represent you for your personal injury or car accident case. But are they, and what is the answer to “how do I choose the best personal injury lawyer for my case?”

Hire a Lawyer You Like and Trust.

To answer that question, you must ask yourself several questions that only you can answer. Do I want to talk to my lawyer, or am I ok talking to support staff for most of my day to day needs? Do I trust that my boutique lawyer is capable of getting me just as much money, or more, than the lawyer who can afford billboards on the freeway?

These are just some of the questions to ask yourself.

Ultimately, lawyers, like everyone else, are people, and people have unique personalities. The personality at the top of a law firm often sets the tone and culture for the people you will interact with daily. Therefore, when seeking a lawyer, you should consult with more than one and ask, is this person someone I can talk to and trust?

Hire a Lawyer that Can Maximize Your Compensation.

Once you feel comfortable with a lawyer’s personality, it is just as important to know they can meet your expectations.

A lawyer should not set expectations that they cannot meet. It is a disservice to the client. Worse, it is an ethical violation for a lawyer to guarantee a client a positive result. Nonetheless, a high-quality lawyer should be able to evaluate the issues in your case and provide you with a reasonable idea of the case value or problems that may come up.

How do you know if the lawyer you’re consulting with is any good and worth retaining?

The billboard law firms often feature a lawyer claiming to be the best car accident lawyer you can find. They may even proudly tell you how many millions of dollars they have collected throughout the year. Alternatively, they will feature a catchy nickname inferring that they are the best. Maybe they advertise a local sports team sponsorship of theirs that implies their success.

A boutique law firm lawyer might advertise the numerous awards they have won. Perhaps they will tell you how they used to work at one of those “big law” firms. You might hear that they always felt like their clients didn’t get the necessary attention. They wanted to do it their way.

None of these approaches are “wrong,” and neither is better.

Some law firms that advertise heavily have truly great lawyers. Other billboard law firms have only lawyers who have never tried a case in court in their lives. They merely try and settle as fast as possible.

Some small personal injury law firms feature lawyers that are just as good as any top lawyer that graduated from an Ivy League school. Others maintain the façade but are still just honing their craft and trying to make a living.


Our advice is to seek out as much information as you can about a car accident lawyer. Talk to multiple lawyers and see who fits your personality. Read online reviews of prior clients and see if they are saying things that you feel are genuine and complimentary. Talk to friends and family to determine if they can recommend you to someone they have previously worked with and trust.

Ultimately, the right car accident attorney for your case is the one that you believe offers you the best chance at receiving maximum compensation while satisfying your needs.

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