$175,000 Settlement Announcement for a Slip and Fall Client who broke her leg!

We are proud to announce a $175,000 settlement for a slip and fall injury claim! This settlement was for a personal injury client who broke her tibia after slipping on a wet floor at a popular mall.

The mall proprietor disputed liability right up until the day they settled the case. Despite every possible excuse asserted by the mall proprietor’s attorneys, our office continued to fight until our client got justice!

Slip and Fall Leg Injury

Leg fractures can occur after all sorts of slip and falls.

The Facts of the Case

This case involved a client who had gone to a popular mall on a rainy day for her lunch break.  Our client was surprised when she arrived at the mall and noticed that despite the intense rain, the property owners had not put up any wet floor signs. As our client entered the mall, she also noticed that there were no floor mats for people to dry their feet.

She then went to the restaurant where she intended to have lunch. While she waited she began window shopping.

Our client was walking across the bright white tile floors when suddenly her right foot slid forward. Her left ankle collapsed underneath her.  She lied on the floor in a state of shock at what had just happened.  Then she realized that her right hand and pants were wet.

Mall staff raced to the scene to take pictures of our client’s shoes, and create an incident report that was favorable to them.  The property owner’s and their staff tried everything to make it seem like there was nothing wrong with the floor.

The Injuries Sustained from the Slip and Fall

Our client not only had to fight the defense that the mall floors were safe, but they also tried to deny she broke a bone in her leg!

Paramedics arrived on the scene to take her to the hospital. Once our client got to the hospital she was told that she had a broken leg. Specifically, the type of fracture she suffered was a tibial pilon fracture.

Doctors told our client that they regularly see that fractures can occur in this type of slip and fall case.  They then told her that the break required surgery.

Following surgery, she spent the next four months rehabbing her leg in physical therapy.  With physical therapy, she was able to achieve maximum physical recovery.


Throughout the insurance claims process and lawsuit, the defense law firms kept saying the same thing.  “There was no water on the floor we had just cleaned it!”

Our office spent eighteen months gathering the evidence needed to prove our client’s claims.

We subpoenaed video of the fall and photos of the scene.  We acquired records showing that the mall had dozens of similar falls in the two years prior.  We deposed mall employees who stated they violated their own policies by not having floor mats at the mall entrances.

After nearly a year and a half, we were able to disprove their claim that they had just cleaned the floor where our client had fallen!

The result?  A $175,000 settlement that fairly compensated our client.

If You Have Been Injured after a Slip and Fall, Contact a Local Slip and Fall Lawyer Right Away!

If you have suffered injuries as a result of a slip and fall, call a personal injury lawyer right away. Make sure that you gather the contact information from as many witnesses as you can find.  You should take note of all the cameras that you think may have recorded the fall.

We recommend that you contact a slip and fall lawyer before speaking to an insurance adjuster, or filing a claim.  Filing an insurance claim for a slip and fall or trip and fall without consulting an attorney, could result in the adjuster attempting to use the claim form against you.

No one article can cover everything that people should know after a slip and fall.  Additionally, slip and fall law presents unique legal challenges.

There are many local Huntington Beach slip and fall lawyers, Seal Beach slip and fall lawyers, and Long Beach slip and fall lawyers that can help. Contact a lawyer right away to protect your personal injury or wrongful death statute of limitations.

Don’t let an insurance company lowball your demand or insurance claims.  Let us help you fight for reimbursement of your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Ensure that you receive full justice for your insurance claims!

The information contained in this post is for general information purposes only. Nothing on this post, or website, should be taken as legal advice for any individual or case situation. This information is not intended to create, and receipt or viewing does not constitute an attorney-client relationship.  

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Broken bones after car accident

This post discusses the things injury attorneys consider when a new client say they broke a bone in a car accident or slip and fall.  If you were in a car accident or had a slip and fall and suffered a broken bone, consult a lawyer to determine if you have a case.  Whether you in Long Beach, Seal Beach, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Rossmoor, or Los Alamitos, there are many local personal injury law firms in Orange County.  This post also discusses some of the factors an injury attorney will consider before filing a lawsuit.  If you are concerned about your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering that resulted make sure you discuss each of the below topics with an attorney before speaking to any of the insurance companies.  In order to maximize the value of a personal injury lawyer, you must discuss with them all of the facts regarding your broken bones as soon as possible.

Broken Bones Generally

Auto accident and premises liability cases result in all types of fractures.  We have seen clients with broken arms, broken legs, broken orbital bones, broken clavicles, and bones broken off the spinal column.  Each of these types of bone breaks can lead to excruciating pain.  It is crucial that any person with a fracture get to a hospital right away so that the hospital can diagnose and treat the injured area.

Once an injured person has been able to speak to a doctor at a Southern California health care provider, the injured individual can begin the bone healing process.   Medical News Today states that in addition to a traditional or functional cast, the bone healing process may consist of surgery.   Broken bones fixed through surgical means such as open reduction with internal fixation surgery (“ORIF”), are often seen by our law firm.  A broken bone set with a cast vs. ORIF surgery can significantly change the long term pain and suffering associated with a break.

If an individual files a lawsuit before discussing their bone fracture with an attorney they run the risk of not receiving maximum compensation for their pain and suffering.  In addition to economic damages, a bone break that has healed may warrant a personal injury claim for past pain and suffering.  A break that required surgery such as ORIF may justify further damages in the form of past and future pain and suffering. Therefore, make sure that you provide your attorney with as much information as possible regarding your broken bone to maximize your compensation.

Personal Injury Cases & Broken Bones

For an injury attorney to determine if you have a personal injury case for your fractures, the attorney will need you to tell them how the incident that caused your fractures occurred. Premises liability cases, commonly referred to as slip and fall accidents require that the responsible property owners breached their duty of care to the injured victim.  You should be prepared to explain to your attorney why you believe that your injuries are the fault of the property owners.  Similarly, if your broken bones occurred as a result of an auto accident, tell your injury attorney all the facts that tend to prove who was at fault for the car accident.

After your attorney has gathered facts proving that your fractures were the fault of another party, they will move on to proving the incident caused your injuries.  Fortunately, most fractures are more easily shown to have occurred as a result of a traumatic incident than other injuries such as spine disc herniations.  Nonetheless, bring your medical records from the event to the meeting with your attorney so that they can see the necessary medical documentation.

Once your attorney has all the information that they need, they can either begin the insurance claims process or proceed with a lawsuit on your behalf.

What Compensation Can I Recover for my Fractures?

Hospital bills and medical debts are rightfully among the biggest concerns for car-accident and slip and fall injury victims.  The last thing that an injured person who has just broken bones or gone through ORIF surgery needs are phone calls from collections agencies.  If medical bills are left unaddressed, they can lead to an adverse credit report event that negatively affects your credit score.  Therefore, you must tell your attorney about all medical bills that you are aware resulted from the incident.

An injury attorney will be able to discuss with you how to go about recovering money for medical costs. Recoverable costs may include money for outstanding medical bills and other medical bills which have already been paid by you or your health insurance.  If all medical bills have been incurred, then an injury attorney will want to discuss the total amount of past medical expenses. If fractures require that you have future medical treatment, an attorney will consider the potential recovery of future medical costs.

Similarly, an injury attorney will want to discuss any income you have lost or anticipate losing as a result of your injuries.  If your broken bones caused you to miss work, an injury attorney would discuss how they might recover the money you lost.  If your future medical care requires you to miss work, an attorney will consider the recovery of future wages.  Therefore, it is essential that you inform your attorney of all income you believe you have lost or will lose.

An injury attorney will also want to discuss the pain and suffering you have endured as a result of your injuries.  Just like your economic damages, pain and suffering can be broken down into past and future pain and suffering.  If your fractures have completely healed, then you likely have a claim for past pain and suffering.  If your fractures healed improperly or have led to arthritis, then you may also have a case for future pain and suffering. It is vital that you tell your attorney every way that your broken bones have affected your life and caused your pain or suffering.  Your injury attorney will use this information and determine the best way to convey your pain and suffering damages.

Contact an Attorney Now

This post has hopefully conveyed how important it is to contact an attorney as soon as possible.  Regardless of who you choose to represent you for your broken bones, make sure to tell them as much as possible. The more information your attorney has, the better they will be able to determine what is essential and what is not.  With all the necessary information, an attorney will be able to maximize your claim for compensation.  Therefore, if you have suffered slip and fall injuries or a car accident that led to broken bones, contact an attorney right away!

The information contained in this post is for general information purposes only. For more information on slip and fall injuries go to our slip and fall accidents page.  For more information on car accident injuries go to our car accidents page. Nothing on this post, or website, should be taken as legal advice for any individual or case situation. This information is not intended to create, and receipt or viewing does not constitute an attorney-client relationship.  If you have lost a loved one in a wrongful death action or have pain and suffering from a personal injury case, we are available to assist.  For a free consultation, please reach out to our attorneys to arrange a time to discuss your matter.  All you have to do is go to our site map or hit the big blue button labeled Contact Us!