In October, 2015 our client was involved in a three car rear-end accident in Fountain Valley, CA. Sometimes we think of rear-end car accidents and think of fender benders, but that was not the case here.  This car accident resulted in significant property damage to each of the three cars.  After the car accident, our client developed neck, shoulder, and back injuries.  These injuries caused her three years of pain and suffering.  When our client was unable to get relief from her pain she sought out an attorney.  Ultimately she found the law firm which would eventually refer her case to our office.

While she was still represented by her first attorney, the other driver’s defense lawyer disputed every part of our client’s claim. First, the Defendant disputed liability for the car accident.  Second, the Defendant disputed the nature and extent of our client’s neck, back, and shoulder injuries.  Then the Defendant disputed every single dollar of our client’s medical expenses. In sum, the Defendant tried to find any opportunity to point the finger at our client.

Sometimes in personal injury cases when the defense lawyer tries to play hardball like this, a client’s initial attorney will ask us to help them with the legal work.  This can happen for a variety of reasons including because the client’s initial attorneys are not as familiar with the specific  legal problems that arise in car accident lawsuits. In other situations it is because the client’s first attorney does not usually go to trial.  For all of those reasons, we were contacted in this case. 

At the time we were contacted, the client was still in excruciating pain. She wanted to get some ideas and suggestions with regard to getting her the proper medical care.  Up until that point, her HMO health insurance would only provide her with basic medical care.  We made a new recommendation, and advised her that she could bypass her insurance and see one of the top medical professionals in Orange County “on lien.”  The option to treat on lien allowed our client to get all the medical treatment she needed.  Once our client was placed under the care of the best medical professionals in Orange County, all her questions were answered.

Now that our client had the medical answers she needed, and a law firm with the ability to try her case, things changed.  After three years of receiving zero dollars in settlement offers, our client received a “final offer” of $75,000.00 at mediation.  Our client stood her ground and refused the insurance company’s unfair offer! Following the mediation, our office got ready for trial.  The case was set for trial in the Orange County Superior Court before the Honorable Gregory Lewis.  Then one week before the commencement of trial, our client was offered a $250,000.00 settlement agreement.

Our client now has the necessary care she needs, the money to cover all of her medical bills, and the relief of knowing she got fair compensation for her personal injuries.   

As is apparent, it is important that people with personal injury claims seek out proper legal counsel as soon as possible. In this personal injury lawsuit it was an absolute pleasure representing yet another wonderful human being. We always enjoy the opportunity personal injury law give us to assist another injured person in getting fair compensation for their injuries.  The feeling we get from seeing a happy client reminds us of why we went to law school.  For more information on how one of our injury attorneys can help with your car accident navigate to our Car Accidents page.

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